1933-1997. A well-known Georgian writer, journalist, editor and public figure till today remains one of the most beloved authors, leaving an influential trace in Georgian literary scene. His literary legacy is constantly republished and appreciated by contemporary critics and readers alike. Guram Panjikidze graduated from Georgian Technical University in 1956 and soon after graduation started to work at Rustavi Metallurgical Plant. Actually his active career in metallurgy played a significant role in building his vision, which was later masterly revealed in his creative writing, which dates back to 50s. In 1964 were published his first stories Evening, Rashida and A Snowy Day  followed by first novel The Seventh Sky, which appeared in then popular journal 'Tsiskari' and immediately gained success and wide resonance through Georgian Audience. It was followed by other successful novels such as The Precious Gem and Year of the Active Sun - the work which gained highest award of the country Shota Rustaveli State Price in 1979. Years later, in 1985 was published Guram Panjikidze’s another novel Spiral, which continues to be one of the most vivid examples of Georgian Science Fiction Fantasy, the novel immediately became number one Bestseller of 80s, arising such a controversial topic as brain implantation. Along with fiction writing Guram Panjikidze led a successful journalistic career and authored number of valuable publicistic and scientific-popular articles and documentary prose. In 1974-1977 years he worked as a editor-in-chief of literary journal 'Tsiskari' and 'Gantiadi'. Several popular movies were made based on his novels including: Levan Khidasheli Precious Gem, Spiral.


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  • The Precious Gem, 1972,  Palitra L, 2010
  • The Spiral, 1985, Literasi, 2010 
  • The Seventh Sky, 1967, Literasi, 2010
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  • Argentina, Argentina, Publishing House Sov. Georgia, 1979
  • Year of the Active Sun, Merani Publishing, 1979


  • The State Prize of Georgia 1985 for his Contribution to the Georgian Literature
  • Shota Rustaveli State Prize 1981 for the novel Year of the Active Sun

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