(1955-1997) born in Tbilisi and graduated in French and literature from the Ilia Chavchavadze Foreign Languages Institute. He began writing poetry at the age of 6. In his life time 4 of his plays have been staged in state academic theatres. He was one of the founders of the literary PEN club in Georgia; he has translated verse by Victor Hugo, François Coppée, Gérard de Nerval, Leconte de l’Isle, Verlaine and Rimbaud. In conjunction with his literary work he has achieved much as a journalist. He has worked in Georgia’s radio and television department as an editor and has also been a director and programme presenter. Later he was in documentary film studios, Mematiane [Chronicler] and Georgian Film. In 1993 he proposed Orioni, a newspaper-calendar which was original in form. In the last years of his life he was the director of Renaissance, an independent information and advertising agency. Together with a filming group, he travelled all over Georgia and made a documentary film about Georgian agriculture, industry and scientific potential. The film was called Archevani (Choices). In 1978 he played the main part in Aleksandre Rekhviashvili’s film The Georgian Chronicle of the 19th Century.


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  • Selected Work, vol.1: Poems, Sketches, Merani Publishing, 2008 
  • Vanity of Vanities (with reference to Ecclesiastes) Tbilisi: Merani Publishing, 1992 
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