Born in 1951 in Sukhumi, Guram Odisharia is a Georgian poet and writer, formerly Minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia. In 1975 he graduated from the Department of History and Philology of Sukhumi University. At various times he has been a correspondent for Abkhazian radio broadcasting, a reporter for the Abkhazian regional newspaper, a consultant to the Abkhazia Branch of Writers’ Union, editor of the magazine Ritsa and director of the Abkhazia branch of Merani Publishing. Guram Odisharia spent the entire war-time period in Sukhumi, leaving his native city only on 27 September 1993 – the day that Sukhumi fell. Since then he has been active in the field of conflictology and has regularly participated in Georgian-Abkhaz peace talks. In 2008 in Seoul (South Korea), he was granted the status of Ambassador for Peace. In 2012 he became the Minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, holding the post until 2014. Guram Odisharia’s first poem was published in 1969. He is the author of nine poetry collections, ten prose books and a number of plays, film and television scripts. He is best known for his novels The Black Sea Ocean, Return to Sukhumi, The President’s Cat. His poetry and prose are greatly influenced by images of his native city Sukhumi and the ambience of the Black Sea coast, which often plays a leading role in his literary works. A play The Sea Which is So Far Away was based on the novel Black Sea Ocean, and it was staged by the famous Georgian director Temur Chkheidze: the play was given an award as the best play of 2014. Both the novel and the play were warmly received not only by Georgian audiences but won popularity in Abkhazian society as well. His works are translated into English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Abkhaz, Turkish, Armenian and Italian. Odisharia’s works have been translated into English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Abkhaz, Turkish, Armenian and Italian and have been published in several countries among them to: Russia, Kulturnaia Revolutsia, 2016; Armenia, Antares, 2016; Slovakia, Slovart, 2015; Ukraine, Anetta Antonenko Publishers, 2015; Germany, Reichert Verlag, 2015.


  • Four Novels, Bakmi Publishing, 2013
  • Psalms For You, Intelekti Publishing, 2013
  • Transfusion of Soul, Intelekti Publishing, 2012
  • 100 Poems, Intelekti Publishing, 2012
  • The Cyclops Bomb, Publishing Form, 2009
  • The Black Sea Ocean, Merani Publishing, 2000
  • Rain is Broadcasted in Sokhumi, Publishing House Lomisi, 1997
  • Return to Sokhumi, Merani Publishing, 1995 
  • The President’s Cat, 2012 Publishing Favorite Print 2012
  • Sonata about Sokhumi and You, Merani Publishing, 1994
  • Key for the Sea, Alashara Sokhumi Publishing House, 1991
  • A Midnight Tree, Merani Publishing, Merani Publishing, 1990
  • Salamia, Alashara Sokhumi Publishing House, 1988 
  • Seven Pictures for a Child, Alashara Sokhumi Publishing House, 1986
  • Calling for Rain, Alashara Sokhumi Publishing House, 1984
  • Peace to this House, Alashara Sokhumi Publishing House, 1982


  • State Award of Georgia
  • Ilia Chavchavadze Award
  • Award of the Publishing House “Lomisi”
  • Award of Theatrical Society of Georgia
  • Giorgi Sharvashidze Award
  • Chekhov’s Gold Medal
  • Award of Journalists’ International Association “Gold Wing”


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