Born in 1962. Writer and playwright, in 1986, graduated from Tbilisi State University’s geography-geology faculty. From 1981 to 1984 he studied, as a special second subject, film drama in the university’s faculty. After 1986 he worked as a geologist in Georgia’s geographic-geophysical field teams, then as a newspaper journalist. For several years he translated art films from English to Georgian for various television companies. He has published twenty-three novels, stories, plays and translations. Twenty theatre performances have been based on his plays in various Georgian theatres, as well as television and radio. He is the co-author of the television serial Night of Small Stars (Georgian Television, Channel One, 1999). His works have been translated into English, German, Russian and Armenian.


  • My Redbreast, Glosa Publishing, 2015
  • Laudakia Caucasia, or A Happy Psychological Portrait of a Century of Wrath, created by Mikhael Tonet’s furniture and by our Tears, Ustari Publishing, 2014
  • The Big She-Bear, Saunje Publishing, 2013
  • The River of the Soul, Intelekti Publishing, 2012
  • From Nowhere to Nowhere, Saunje Publishing, 2012
  • Helesa, or The Azalea Azaled, the Fox Foxed, the Sea Rocked… (a Laz maritime cinema serial, performed as a chronicle of the last journey of the feluka Kirbish, or, if you like, as an animated picture of the Laz artist Hasan Helimish), Ustari Publishing, 2012
  • The Stone of Grace, Siesta Publishing, 2011
  • Vazha-Pshavela, Pegasi Publishing, 2011
  • Almost Picasso and a little bit Bosch, from the Right, Saari Publishing, 2010
  • Swans under Snow, Saari Publishing, 2004
  • Bendela, Saari Publishing, 2003
  • Flying Without a Cask, Bakur Sulakauri Publishing, 2001; Gumbati, 2007, 2011
  • The Knight of the Untimely Time, Bestseller Publishing, 1999
  • Space in the Vertical, Merani Publishing, 1997
  • Frescoes on a Moonlit Day, Merani Publishing, 1990
  • The Man of the Forest, Ministry of Culture Collegium, 1988


  • The Georgian National Cinema Centre Kakutsa Prize for film scripts to mark the 100th anniversary of the Georgian Democratic Republic, 2015
  • M. Tumanishvili Fund, Tumanishvili Film Actors’ Theatre and Tbilisi Mayor’s Office Cultural Enterprise Centre’s Joint Competition Prize for New Georgian Plays for 2012, for the one-act mythological-ritual play VazhaPshavela, or Seeing the Invisible, 2012
  • Silver Prize for theHelesa Film Novel (based on synopsis), the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award. Nomination, Small-Budget, Portland, Oregon, USA, 2012
  • Gala literary prize for the biographical novel Vazha-Pshavela, 2011
  • Khertvisi Literary Competition prize for the story The Night Before, 2007
  • Literary competition Formula NLO 2006 prize for the story Alloplant, Athens, Greece, 2006
  • Bekar International Literary Competition (for musical compositions), nominated for prize ‘Jazz and Rock Music: Prose’ for the story The Pharisee Council, Moscow, Russia, 2005
  • Medal of Merit, awarded by President of Georgia N132, 1998
  • Union of Writers prize for the play The White Army, 1998
  • Tbilisi Mayor’s Office, Tbilisi Office for Youth and the Bestseller Union of Booklovers literary competition: first prize for the novel, The Knight of the Untimely Time, 1998
  • Georgian Television and Radio Committee Prize for the radio play The Man of the Forest, 1987

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