Born in 1974 is a Georgian poet, translator and orientalist. In 1991 Giorgi Lobzhanidze entered Tbilisi State University, the faculty of oriental studies, Arabian language and literature. After graduation with honors he was engaged in pedagogical activities at the Department of Semiotic Studies of State University. In 1997, he went to Iran to work on his PhD research project in Religion and Mysticism at University of Tehran, the faculty of theology. After returning to Georgia in 1999, he again started working at Tbilisi State University. At present he is a head of Oriental department at the Centre of Cultural Relations of Georgia “Caucasian House” and a head of “Centre of Islamic Culture”. In 2005, he defended a dissertation on the topic 'Jesus and Virgin Marry in Quran' and became the Doctor of Philology. Nowadays George Lobzhanidze is regarded as one of the distinguished translator of a new generation, who has not betrayed the established traditions of translating oriental literature into Georgian and has brilliantly translated such influential works of Oriental world as The Quran, Persian Fairy Tales, Gulistan by Sa’adi Shirazi, and Ghazals by Jalal ad-Din Rumi, but also it is obvious that a lot of credit must go to Lobzhanidze for introducing to Georgian readers the works of the most eminent poets of the second half of the XX century including The Water’s Footsteps by Sohrab Sepehri and Another Birth by Forough Farokhzad’s. George Lobzhanidze himself has authored five poetry collections, which gained much attraction of the Georgian audience and acclaim of critics. Lobzhanidze’s poems have been published in Anthology of Georgian Poetry: Ich aber will dem Kaukasos zu... - Pop Verlag 2015, Germany. 


  • A Teacher of Arabic, Saunje Publishing House, 2013 
  • Noontime Shadows, Literasi Publishing, 2012
  • A Bouquet of Dandelions, Caucasian House Publishing, 2004 
  • Boiling Temperature, Merani Publishing, 1997 
  • Orphane’s Kveri, Merani Publishing, 1991


  • Literary award SABA 2011 in category the best translation for Saadi Sirazi’s Gulistan
  • Literary award The Book of The Year 2008 by the Islamic Republic of Iran in category the best research of Islamology for Georgian translation of Quran and commentaries.   
  • Literary award SABA 2008 in category the best translation for The Quran 

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