Born in 1972 started writing at the age of 21. He works for several literary and non-literary magazines. His essays and novels are regularly published in popular magazines Literaturuli Palitra and Hot Chocolate. Kikodze won Literary Prize GALA for a book of short stories Calmly. His collected Essays (2012) and short stories The Story of a Bird and a Man (2013) later receiving SABA Award as the best prose collection of the year were both published by Siesta Publishing House. Kikodze is also a professional photographer. He has taken part in national and international photo exhibitions and has won many awards. Furthermore, he has published articles on environmental, ethnographic and social issues. He is the author of three guidebooks on science tourism, which is developing quickly in Georgia and Switzerland. Archil Kikodze is co-author of the documentary film Spring in Javakheti (winner of the Niamori Festival Prize in 2004). He wrote the script for the film Tbilisi, I Love You. Archil Kikodze plays a leading role in the film Blind Dates (2013), which has won several prizes at international film festivals.


  • Southern Elephant, Sulakauri Publishing, 2016
  • The Story of a Bird and a Man, Siesta Publishing House, 2013
  • Essays, Siesta Publishing House, 2012
  • A Parcel, Palitra L Publishing, 2011
  • Calmly, Saari Publishing, 2008 
  • Village Country, Saari Publishing, 2004
  • Deer and Lemonade, Saari Publishing, 2002


  • IliaUni Literary prize 2017 in category the best novel for Southern Elephant
  • Literary prize LITERA 2017 in the category The Best Novel of the Year for for Southern Elephant   
  • Literary award SABA 2014 in category the best short story collection for the Story of a Bird and a Man
  • Literary prize GALA 2008 in category the best book for Calmly 
  • Tbilisi International Book Fair prize 2003 in category the best debut for Deer and Lemonade

Photo by Levan Kherkheulidze 

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