Born in1985, Bio-robot Zura Jishkariani a.k.a Dilla is multimedia artist, writer and a self-proclaimed mayor of Sokhumi officially manufactured and distributed as a single demo version. After the civil war in Abkhazia he was living in ghettos under the refugee status. In the early 2000’s he gave up studying sociology in university and launched punk rock band “EVA”. Later he founded a local art-guild “Eurasian Laboratory”, a union of young poets, musicians and performers. In 2007 he started his most successful music project “Kung-Fu Junkie” which was disbanded after 10 years.
In 2014 Jishkariani created the first ever Georgian chat-bot “Cyber-Galaktion” which is a linguistic simulation of the most prominent Georgian poet Galaktion Tabidze. As he believes that chat-bots are the future of storytelling, Dilla is actively involved in their personality design process. He is interested in how sadness, trust, joy and other emotions in people are created by algorithms and logical codes.
In 2016 he founded the company “ZEG” which works on creatiing of interactive tombstones. Currently he works on his second novel and dreams about Mars colonization.


•Literary award SABA 2018 in category the Best Debut for The Chewing Dawns Sugar Free
•IliaUni Literary prize 2018 in category the Best Novel for The Chewing Dawns Sugar Free

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