Born in 1974, is a famous playwright, prose writer and one of Georgia’s most successful television and radio producers. He graduated from Tbilisi State University of Theatre and Cinema, (Drama Faculty). In 1998 his first collection of short stories and plays A Mosquito was published. Since then, he has written numerous plays that have been regularly performed at theatres in Georgia. Some have also been staged in Great Britain, France, Germany and Russia. Basa Janiskashvili authored many popular stories, blog posts and radio plays that are published in different magazines and social media. Along with writing, he has hosted some musical programs and worked as an art director at several radio stations. In 2004 he founded a Radio Station “Ucnobi” and till present is the Head of its Broadcasting Council. In 2006, he was awarded the SABA literary prize for the best play of the year. In 2009, he won the Russia and Caucasus Region category of the BBC International Radio Playwriting Competition. 2014 was also successful for the author, bringing him an award from the international playwright’s competition 'Talk About Boundaries'. In 2015 his winning play Angry Bird was performed in the Nuremberg State Theatre. In 2016 the play was also staged in Paris’s Arnold Theatre and in the same year, it was played at Rustaveli National Theatre. Till today Basa Janikashvili continues active writing career and several of his important works, including 3 novels and 4 collections of plays, were published by leading Georgian Publishing houses. Janikashvili’s novels and plays have been translated and published in Austria, Italy, Germany and Ukraine: Absurdistan Sovieticus have been published in an anthology of modern Georgian literature Georgische Gegenwartsliteratur - Reichert Verlag 2010, Germany; Absurdistan Sovietico - Palombi Editore 2014, Italy; Shoot’em Up - Pr-Prime Company 2016, Ukraine; Collection of modern Georgian plays Zwischen Orient und Okzident - Theater der Zeit 2015, Germany; Angry Bird 2016 - Pr-Prime Company 2016, Ukraine.


  • Angry Bird, Publishing House Books in Batumi, 2016
  • Stories without Tittle, Naïve Monologues, Invented Interviews and One Play, Palitra L Publishing, 2012
  • A Coat and Shoes, EBOOKS House SABA 2012
  • Shoot ‘em Up, Bakur Sulakauri Publishing, 2010 
  • Absurdistan, Bakur Sulakauri Publishing, 2009 
  • Dictatorship, Publishing Siesta, 2009
  • Suliko, Siesta Publishing, 2008 
  • Well Before We Met, Siesta Publishing, 2005 
  • With Dreams in Cairo, Tbilisi, 2004 
  • A Mosquito, Bakur Sulakauri Publishing, 1999


  • Playwrights’ European competition Award Talks About Boundaries 2014 for the play Angry Bird
  • Russia and the Caucasus region category prize of the BBC International Radio Playwriting Competition 2009 for the play Dictatorship
  • Literary award SABA 2006 in category the best play for Well Before We Met

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