(1926-1991) was a prominent Georgian writer, considered as a master of short stories; his short prose is extremely popular till today, charming the contemporary reader by the depth and simplicity of the style. A graduate of Tbilisi State University’s school of Philology, he began to write stories as a student and his first collected works were published in the 50s. Along with his productive and successful writing career Revaz Inanishvili was working at then leading publishing houses Nakaduli. In 1966 he joined the working team of film studio Georgian Film. He wrote the scripts for a number of famous films, including Holidays, Someone is Late for the Bus. Ravaz Inanishvili had worked with such renowned film directors as Otar Ioseliani, George Shengelaia and Tengiz Abuladze. As a result of this cooperation were produced movies, that became classics of Georgian cinematography: Pastorali, 1975 (director/co-author: Otar Ioseliani), Alaverdoba, 1962 (director Giorgi Shengelaia), The Wishing Tree, 1977 (based on Giorgi Leonidze’s book, director/co-author: Tengiz Abuladze). In 1977 he won the Shota Rustaveli State Prize for his collected stories The Remote White Summit. From 1989 till the end of his life he was an editor of the journal “Dila”. His works have been translated into Russian, Ukrainian, German, Bulgarian, Armenian and other languages. His story Lara was included in the anthology 'The Best Georgian Short Stories of All Time' published by Bakur Sulaakuri Publishing in 2008. 


  • Full Collection of Prose in 6 volumes, Palitra L Publishing, 2012
  • The Remote White Summit (1976), Journal Gza Publishing, 2010
  • An abandoned Garden, Bakmi Publishing, 2009. 
  • A Singing House, Georgian bibliophile’s Association, 2006 
  • Beautiful Tears, Bakmi Publishing, 2005 
  • Red Leaf of Maple, Publishing House Nakaduli, 2002 
  • From Personal Table Notebooks, Saari Publishing, 2001
  • A Little Boy on Golgotha, Merani Publishing Hosue, 1989 
  • Moon Daughter, Merani Publishing House, 1987 
  • Happy Mountain (1960), Nakaduli Publishing 1984
  • Wolf Puppies, Publishing House Nakaduli, 1973
  • Evening Records, Publishing House Nakaduli, 1971
  • Where Does the Fairy Tale Writer Live, Publishing House Nakaduli, 1970
  • Bibo, Publishing House Nakaduli, 1964
  • Feast in the Attic, Publishing House Nakaduli, 1961 
  • From Letters Written to a Friend, Sov. Georgia, 1958
  • The First Stories, Sov. Georgia Publishing, 1953


  • Shota Rustaveli State Prize 1977 for The Remote White Summit

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