Born in 1932, and graduated from Tbilisi State University (faculty of philology, department of journalism) in 1956. His first poetry collection Fleeing was published in 1964. When he appeared on the literary scene he attracted attention with his daring experiments, which were very much a form of Fleeing. He often uses irony, parody, paradox, grotesqueries and slang. His basic collections are Swing (1965), Stone and War (1967), New Moon (1970), The Two (1972), Exhausted Serpentine (1973), The Year of the Gentle Sun (1975), A Year of Bliss (1978), Longer Poems (1979), Stresses and Words (1980), Selected Poetry (1982), Pacing Up and Down (1993), A Writer’s Red Book (1995), Colchian Capriccio (1998), Year of Bliss 2 (2002), etc. He has also published collections of children’s verse, critical essays, translations, etc. Tariel Chaturia`s poems have been published in Anthology of Georgian Poetry (Ich aber will dem Kaukasos zu... Pop Verlag, 2015, Germany).


  • The Black Box of Love, Intelekti Publishing, 2016 
  • Wikilyc, Intelekti Publishing, 2014 
  • The Site.Off Message – 3, Intelekti Publishing, 2012 
  • From Dinosaur to Design, Intelekti Publishing, 2010 
  • 100 Poems, Intelekti Publishing, 2009 
  • The Honeymoon Century, Merani Publishing, 2002 
  • The Heart On Rigth Site, Merani Publishing, 1995 
  • Sell the clothes and acquire a Sword!, Merani Publishing, 1993 
  • The Colchis Capriccio, Merani Publishing, 1988 
  • Love - Refrain, Merani Publishing, 1987 
  • Pillow - an Atom less Zone, Sov. Geogia, 1986 
  • The Writer’s Red Book, Merani Publishing, 1985
  • Stresses and Words, Merani Publishing, 1980 
  • The Year of a Calm Sun, Sov. Georgia Publishing, 1975 
  • Shredded Serpentine, Merani Publishing, 1973 
  • The Two, Sov. Georgia Publishing, 1972 
  • Stone and War, Sov. Georgia Publishing, 1967
  • The swings, Publishing House Nakaduli, 1965 


  • Honorary award SABA 2016 for the Contribution to the Georgian Literature
  • The Galaktion Tabidze prize 
  • The Shota Rustaveli State prize 

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