Born 1977 is a Georgian poet. Rati Amaglobeli studied Philosophy at the Tbilisi State University. Since 1994, his poetry has been periodically published in Georgian and Foreign literary editions. His debut poetry collection Verb was released in 2000 and became an instant success through the country. Rati is famous for his live performances, which made him a real star of contemporary poetry in Georgia, and a welcomed guest at various international literary festivals. In 2005-2010, Amaglobeli was the host of literary program 'The History of Voices' at Georgian Public Broadcasting Radio. Later he worked as the editor of the popular journal 'Hot Chocolate' and since 2011, he is the president of Georgian Pen-Centre. Rati Amaglobeli regularly delivers weekly public lectures about poetry in the 'Book House' and often suggests to his readers experimental poetry variation, namely, he has cooperated with producers and musicians and has created some successful synthesis projects of his poetry and electronic music. Despite his young age, the author’s poetry would seem to run counter to present tendencies. His work is characterized with oriental elements such as musicality and the quest for love, belief and spirituality. He invariably rhymes in his poetry and eagerly plays with the rules of the sonnet and other forms of verses. Nor does he shy from using archaic words perfectly harmonized with some very contemporary issues. Nowadays Rati Amaglobeli is regarded as one of the most exuberant authors at the Georgian podium of poets. Amaglobeli’s poems have been published in several countries among them: Anthology of Georgian poets - Arc Publication 2016, UK; Anthology of Georgian Poetry through the ages - Pop Verlag, 2015, Germany. 


  • Poems, Palitra L Publishing, 2011 
  • The Circle, Siesta Publishing House, 2006 
  • If, Saari Publishing, 2003 
  • Verb, Publishing House Azri, 2000


  • Literary award SABA 2006 in category the best poetry for The Circle

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