Till November 26, publishers and literary agents can submit their new novels for the upcoming edition of Books at Berlinale.

If you wish to have your novel considered for Books at Berlinale, you should be the film rights holder of the novel. Your book proposal should be a best-selling or brand new, yet to be published novel with great potential for screen adaptation. Please bear in mind when deciding which book to submit that the international producers attending the Berlinale Co-Production Market mainly work in the arthouse sector. Their average budgets for realizing a film range from 1-6 million Euros. An English translation or a sample translation of the novel must exist for the selection, and also in order to be handed out by you to interested producers upon request.

Each year ten novels are presented to a high-profile audience of around 150 internationally established producers. The books are presented in a printed catalogue and “live on stage” in a moderated pitching event where the respective rights holders (publisher or literary agent) introduce their book to the audience. The presentation is followed by a networking get-together during which contacts to interested producers can be established. Each publisher/agent has their own standing table and can be approached directly by the producers.

If you wish to have your novel considered for “Books at Berlinale” please send us the attached submission form via email by Monday, November 26, 2018.

For more information, please, visit the webpage.