Born 1964 in Tbilisi, Lela Tsutskiridze is an author, Children’s writer, artist and illustrator. She graduated from Tbilisi State University where she studied Georgian language and literature. Has worked in various publishing houses and kid’s shows. Currently she works as a teacher for book club and Sunday school. Lela Tsutskiridze is the author of USAID’s project Georgia’s elementary textbooks. She has been published in various literary magazines Literaturuli Palitra (Literary Palette), Tsiskari (Dawn) Akhali Saunje (New Treasure), 'Arili', Literaturuli Gazeti, kid’s magazines Dila (Morning), Carousel (Karuseli) etc. Lela Tsutskiridze was shortlisted for several literary prizes among them for SABA Literary Prize 2017 in the category The Best Poetry Collection for the Imagine, Elisabeth. She worked as an illustrator and book designer for many books published in several publishing houses in Georgia.
Literary works of Lela Tsutskiridze have been translated into English, German, Greek, Latvian, Ukrainian and Russian languages.


  • Aunt Sugar bowl and Uncle Salt Bowl, Academic Press of Georgia - Saga, 2018 
  • Funn Family … and others, Academic Press of Georgia - Saga, 2018 
  • The adventure of Zanzara and Chu, Dila Publishing, 2017 
  • Imagine, Elisabeth, Saunje Publishing, 2016 
  • Biblical Allegories for Kids, Karchkhadze Publishing, 2016 
  • Collection of books to stick onto your fridge, Sulakauri publishing, 2015 
  • Christmas Tree Decoration Poems (for children), Diogene Publishing, 2012 
  • Lilochreli, collection of poems, Universal Publishing, 2011 
  • The adventures of Gudandara and Gudu-Gudu, children’s novel, Diogene publishing, 2011 


  • Winner of Batumi Puppet and Youth State Theater’s children’s stories competition, 2018 
  • Goderdzi Chokheli Literary Competition - Loyalty, 2017 
  • Winner of Iakob Gogebashvili’s children’s Literary Prize in the category of Best Children’s Dramatic Story, 2017 
  • Chosen as one of the winners in Tbilisi City Hall’s literary competition for her prose and poetry, 2017
  • Prize from Female poet competition - Khvaramzeoba, 2016 
  • Literature Competition - Odeoni, 2014 
  • Literary Prize from Literature competition in poetry Shotaoba, 2014 
  • Literature Contest Lile, 2013 
  • Special Prize for Literature Competition in the name of Revaz Inanishvili for the Best Prose Work 2012 


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