Born in 1968 is one of the most prominent women writers in Georgia today. A mother of four children has studied pedagogy and currently teaches at primary school. Being this busy does not prevent her from writing poetry and surprising audience with her new sound in Georgian poetry, that displays a realistic and materialistic touch that she refashions in her spiritual search for the nature and power of woman. She has won Georgia’s one of the most prestigious literary awards SABA for her poetry collection in 2008. Maya Sarishvili has authored another poetry collection Covering Reality (2001), as well as four radio plays for children: Three Buckets of Snow, A Very Bad Man, A Family of Ladybirds and A Cat Again in Rain. All her radio-plays were performed at Georgian Radio Broadcast and Three buckets of Snow was awarded as the best radio-play in 1997 at Georgian-German competition of radio-plays. Her work has appeared in Crazy horse, Versal, Quiddity, Nashville Review, Asheville Review, Plume, Guernica and other publications. Her poems have been translated into many languages and she has taken part in numerous international festivals, including Poetry International in Rotterdam (2007), SOTZIA in Tallinn, Estonia (2008), Poetry Parnassus (London, UK, 2011) and has been invited to Portugal, to the seminar of translators, where her poems were translated to Portuguese (Casa de Mateus, 2007). Sarishvili’s poems have been published in several anthologies: Anthology of Georgian poets (6 poets) - Arc Publication 2016, UK; Anthology of Georgian female poets (10 poets) - Boutle Publishing 2016, UK; Microscope (collection of Maia Sarishvili’s poems) - Smockadoll Förlag 2015, Sweden; Aus der Ferne (Anthology of Georgian poetry; 6 poets) - Corvinus Presse 2015, Germany; Antology of Modern Georgian Poetry - OGI 2014, Russia; Poezie Centrum, Contemporary Poetry from Georgia (Hedendaagse poezie uit Georgia) - 2010, Netherlands.


  • Microscope, Publishing House Link, 2007.
  • Covering Evidence, Publishing House Merani, 2001


  • Literary Award SABA 2008 in category the best poetry collection for Microscope


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