Born in 1977 is a promising author at Georgian literary scene. She graduated from Tbilisi Technical University, Faculty of Journalism. Since 2000 Rostiashvili works as a journalist for Georgian Press, currently she is the journalist for Magazine Bomondi. Her stories are being regularly published in different Georgian Periodicals such as 'Chveni Mtserloba', 'Tsiskari -1852', 'Literaturuli Gazeti'. In 2012 she became the finalist of Literary Contest Literature Harvest 2012 and later her story 28th or I m betraying John was included in the anthology Best Seven Stories; next year she participated in another contest 100 WORDS and again became the finalist with her interesting story Red Socks. Natia Rostiashvili attracted attention of wide audience with her most popular story Angel of Chandelier, which gained for the young author literary prize TSERO. Since then her works are included in different modern prose anthologies and she is the winner of number of prestigous literary contests for modern prose. In 2014 Palitra L suggested to publish her debut book, and in 2014 was published her first collection of stories Angel of Chandelier - titled after the winning story.


  • Angel of Chandelier, Palitra L Publishing, 2014


  • Literary award TSERO (CRANE) 2015 II Prize for the for short story Breathing Collector
  • Literary Contest TSERO 2015, II Prize for the short story A Collector of Breathings
  • Literary Contest Odeon 2015, I Prize for short story Amalia’s Ring 
  • Literary Contest Khvarmze 2015, I Prize for the poem Woolen Shirt 
  • Literary Contest of Revaz Inanishvili 2014, III Prize for short story Chechen
  • Goderdzi Chokheli Literary Award 2014 for the miniature The Day not to Forget and II Prize for A Film about the General
  • Guram Rcheulishvili literary award ALAVERDI 2014 for the novella Where did Lola Go?
  • Literary award TSERO (CRANE) 2013 for the best short story Angel of Chandelier
  • Revaz Inanishvili literary contest 2012, III Prize for short story Tbilisi-Hereti

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