Born in 1959, is a well-known author of children’s literature in Georgia. He Graduated Maxim Gorky Literature Institute in Moscow, faculty of Poetry in 1990. After returning to homeland Bondo Matsaberidze established one of the first independent publishing houses in Georgia ‘Alaverdi’ and was head of the publishing till 1994. Years later he founded another publishing house - Bakmi, prioritizing in children’s literature and fiction with high visual standards. Till present Matasaberidze represents the Bakmi publishing and is the head of it. Since 1995 he is the member of Writers’ Union of Georgia. He has authored a poetry collection which was his debut book, published in 1989, and one collection of assays. Later Bondo Matsaberidze started writing books for children. Years of experience and copies of sold books made Bondo Matsaberidze one of the well-known and prized authors for children’s literature. His tales are translated into many languages, including English, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Iranian, Armenian, Lithuain and German. His book Tales of Bekna and Thekla was published in Russia by publishing house DETGIZ (2015, Saint-Petersburg); in Lithuania - Tykra Kniga 2016; in Ukraine - Astra 2016.  


  • Stories about Tusi and Tusi, Palitra L Publishing, 2015 
  • Tales of Bekna and Tekla, S. Peterburg, Publishing ДЕТГИЗ, 2015 
  • Tales about Thekla Girl, Bakmi Publishing, 
  • Fatsiko, Anbani Publishing, 2012 
  • Tales about Bekna Boy, Bakmi Publishing, 2010 
  • Bedtime Stories, Bakmi Publishing 2007 Tales in Three Volumes, Bakmi Publishing, 2006 
  • Zado and Bado, Bakmi Publishing, 2004 Fairy Tales, Bakmi Publishing, 2003 
  • Fairy Tales and Fables, Bakmi Publishing, 2002 
  • სადაურსა სად წაიყვან : Alaverdi Publishing, 1992
  • Endurance Formula, Merani Publishing, 1989


  • Winner of Children’s Book Festival 2010 organized by Youth Centre of Georgian Patriarchate in category the best collection of fairy-tales for Tales about Bekna Boy
  • Literary Prize of Shio Mgvimeli 2004 
  • State Prize of Georgia 2003

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