Born in 1959, is a contemporary Georgian writer, playwright, researcher and translator. In 1981 he graduated from Tbilisi State University, faculty of Oriental Studies, later he entered Tbilisi Theological Academy, majoring in Christian Anthropology. Soon after graduating he pursued a teaching career and was delivering classes in History of Religion at various schools. Irakli Lomouri’s first literary works appeared in Georgian periodicals in 1982. Nowadays he is regarded as one of the most productive representatives of contemporary Georgian literature circle; his works cover a wide range of fictional directions from short stories to radio plays. Irakli Lomouri’s breakthrough work was a short story An Incident  and he became popular to the wide audience for his short stories and anticipated detective novels The Tiflis Stamp or Murder in the Family and Murder in the Sexology Centre. His stories are translated into Russian and published in magazine ‘Drujba Narodov’ 1989, 2014. This year his story Stalin in Basement  appeared in Russian language journal ‘Novaja Polsha’, published in Poland. The author has contributed to Children’s literature as well with such popular books as 33 Rhyme Puzzles for Fun, and Mamlakuda and Other Tales. Recently he finished working on an educative-cognitive project supported by Georgian National Olympic Committee and published an encyclopedia for teenagers Journey to Olympia. Lomouri has also authored several plays, which are regularly performed at different theatres throughout Georgia. He has years of experience within the radio industry, several of his radio dramas were airing at the National Radio Broadcasting. In 2005 famous Georgian film Director Merab Kokochashvili made a film based on Lomouri’s script Usui. He was one of the screenwriters of puppet series Our Yard -a joint project of TV Imedi and Save the Childen (2007-2009). Along with his original literary works, Lomouri has put effort into translation field and research, on his account is a popular science essay What the Three World Religions Preach and various translations, including Mario Puzzo’s The Godfather, Short Sotries by O’Henry, Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing and Gillian Flynn’ best seller Gone Girl. Currently he is the founder and the editor-in-chief of the literature journal Fantasti.


  • Journey to Olympia, Olympic Committee Publishing, 2014
  • What the Three World Religions Preach, Ustari Publishing House, 2013
  • An Open Letter to Bidzina Ivanishvili or Rather to His Secretary, Intelekti Publishing, 2013 
  • The Woman from Paris, Intelekti Publishing, 2013 
  • Mamlakuda and Other Tales, Saunje Publishing House, 2013
  • Auto-Obituary, Ustari Publishing House, 2012 
  • The Chronicles of Parallel Georgia, Gumbati Publishing, 2011
  • 33 Rhyme Puzzles for Fun, Palitra L Publishing, 2009
  • The Tiflis Stamp or Murder in the Family, Palitra L Publishing, 2008
  • Murder in the Sexology Centre, Palitra L Publishing, 2007
  • Belles-lettres Cactus, Parnasi Publishing, 2005
  • Ex Libris, Publishing House Merani-Lomisi, 2003
  • An Incident, Publishing House Lomisi, 1999


  • Winner of Literary Contest Lit Harvest 2012 for short story Jo(r)jo 
  • Winner of National Radio Broadcasting contest 1988 for radio play In the Draw-Well

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