Born in 1972  is one of the most productive authors in Georgia. In 1996  he graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at Tbilisi State University. His first short stories appeared in literary journals in 2000 and since then he has published more than ten books including novels, short story collections and poems.  Khvedelidze’s short stories have been translated in ten languages. His short story collection The Taste of Mouse  (Der Geschmack von Asche) was published in Germany by Leipziger Literaturverlag. He is awarded as the winner of various literary competitions: among them Literary Award SABA twice,  the Literature Bridges Prize, at the International Festival (Baku, 2010) and the prize for the best short story at the October Award (Moscow, 2009).  He is also a playwright and an editor at the Literaturuli Palitra magazine. Beso Khvedelidze is a member of  Pen Centre in Georgia. 


  • Namaste, Bakur Sulakauri Publishing 2014 
  • The Red, Publishing Saunje, 2012
  • Wild Flowers, Plitra L Publishing, 2011
  • Tamro, Bakur Sulakauri Publishing 2011
  • The Taste of Mouse, Bakur Sulakauri Publishing, 2009 
  • The Relay, Siesta Publishing House, 2007 
  • A Huge Market, Palitra L Publishing, 2006 
  • Duck’s Tolma (co-author Maka Mikeladze), Bakur Sulaakuri Publishing (2005)
  • Fly Slowly, Diogene Publishing, 2004
  • The Mother of Sorrow, Saari Publishing, 2004 
  • Like Dog’s Life, Bakur Sulakauri Publishing, 2004 
  • The Witchcraft, Bakur Sulakauri Publishing, 2002 
  • The Other Side of a Medal, Merani Publishing, 2001


  • Literary award SABA 2012 in category the best short story collection for the The Red
  • International Festival Literature Bridges 2010 (Baku) prize for the best short story The Taste of Mouse 
  • Literary award Lit-Names 2010 
  • Award of Russian literary magazine October 2009 for the best short story The Thirteenth Dot 
  • Literary award TSERO (CRANE) 2007 for the best short story The Thirteenth Dot
  • Winner of the literary contest Pen-Marathon 2004
  • Literary award SABA 2003 in category the best short story collection for The Witchcraft

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