Born in 1964, is a writer of fantasy fiction. The author’s background is in programming engineering, but she later specialized in printing and in editing programmes. She had already written few tales for children, but her real career as a writer began after 2000 when she set about creating original texts in a successfully chosen genre: children’s fantasy. Her first book The Story of Lile from Iroeli was published in 2007. The following year, she won the first prize in the Golden Feather competition for hitherto unpublished works of children’s literature with When The Winged Lions Return, which was published in 2009. In 2010-2015 years four more books by Natalie Davitashvili were published, one of which won the GALA Literary Prize and instant popularity with readers. The author creates her own unique world. The stories of her creative works unfold within a world which, as required by the fantasy genre, has a strong logic and a firm structure. Natalie Davitashvili has a teenage son for whom she writes.


  • The Road of Aia, Books in Batumi Publishing, 2015
  • Dancer of the Blue Carpet, Karchkhadze Publishing, 2013
  • Four Lands and Four Pillars, Karchkhadze Publishing, 2012 
  • In and Beyond the Fog, Logos Pres Publishing, 2011
  • When The Winged Lions Return, Karchkhadze Publishing, 2009
  • The Story of Lile Iroeli, Bakur Sulakauri Publishing, 2007, Karchkhadze Publishing 2009


  • Literary prize GALA 2011 in category the best children’s book for In and Beyond the Fog
  • Literary prize Golden Feather 2008 in children’s literature for When the Winged Lions Return

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